New Space Shooter Indie Game ‘Yargis’ with Customizable Gameplay Launches Beta Via Successful Kickstarter Campaign


Single or multiple players complete space missions to unlock higher levels & use level editor to create their own game levels; PC platform now with console, tablet & mobile versions planned



(ST. LOUIS, MO) – July 22, 2013 – YargisTM, a new independent (“indie”) game with arcade style space shooter action and customizable game levels, invites the gaming community to participate in the final developmental phase, and an already successful Kickstarter launch, of this fast-paced, family-friendly and fun game. With a $15 pledge, Kickstarter backers will receive a digital download beta in September and an update to the full version upon launch.  Like indie game MinecraftTM, which was originally released for the PC, Yargis, too, will initially be released for the PC, with tablet, mobile (Android and iOS) and console versions to follow.

Having recently hit basic funding goals needed to finish the game, developers at St. Louis-based PlazSoft will use further funding to enhance Yargis with more graphics, gaming levels and spaceships, and possibly even a stat server for competing for high scores online. Backers are welcome to test the beta and suggest ideas for consideration. Players can pre-order the beta for $19.99 at if they miss the Kickstarter launch ending August 6.


Gameplay in Yargis involves creating spaceships and fighting in missions to help the main character, Yargis, defend the Earth from evil Mukka aliens.  Players (in both multi-player and single-player modes) overcome challenges, similar to Super Mario Bros.TM but in space, to unlock higher levels, earn in-game money and unlock unique weapons and spaceship upgrades.


Built-in game levels are designed for solo players or multiple ones. Solo players can battle enemy ships, outrun evil aliens, scout new planets, maneuver through debris fields and more. Multiple players can connect online or via LAN to either compete or cooperate in capture the flag, a random maze capture the flag, battle, a team version of battle, invasion and more. Two people can even play on one keyboard or with one or more game controllers.


Beyond its built-in game levels, Yargis allows players to create their own custom gameplay using a powerful software tool called a level editor. PlazSoft is releasing the same level editor it used to create Yargis, so players can create and share their own game levels. Users simply drag and drop features like planets, ships, walls and more to create their own exciting adventures in space.


The five-person development team, led by computer scientist and entrepreneur Jeff Minnis, created a proprietary 3D game engine, computer graphics and original music for Yargis. “To differentiate Yargis from the indie games that use the same basic 3D engine, we developed our own to provide a unique visual feel and gameplay experience,” said Minnis. For instance, the game’s custom 3D particle effects create unique explosions, weapons and bullets.


Minnis thinks big. “We think Yargis offers the action, creativity and fun to be considered for the Indie Space Game of the Year,” he said. “It’s easy for any member of the family to jump right into the fun, and players will love creating and playing their own custom game levels. Yargis is really exciting for any age or experience level,” Minnis explained.


The team also created a Facebook-liking engine that will reward fans who share their special link, such as Fans earn points to unlock exclusive in-game rewards, and even a free digital copy of Yargis.


Minnis dreamed of developing a space-themed game since he was ten, and he finally began Yargis in 2011. Now 30, Minnis owns his own software development business, PlazSoft. In 2012, the Small Business Administration (SBA) named the St. Louis native Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Eastern Missouri. He was also named an outstanding alumnus from St. Louis-based Webster University, where he earned his computer science degree in 2006. To encourage technology experts to work in St. Louis, Minnis has a vision for creating a technology center together with other companies where like-minded technology enthusiasts could more easily find jobs.


To access the Kickstarter site, visit Yargis on Facebook: For more on Yargis, visit


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